Be Ready for the Rise of Black Foxxes

Can you release only two singles and pull a HUGE crowd at Download? No? Black Foxxes can.

When ‘I’m Not Well’ comes out on August 19th, be ready for the catapulting rise of this 3 piece, hailing from Exeter and Plymouth. Armed with violent, adrenaline fuelled guitars and a frontman that can transform his voice, from intimate and fragile, to powerful and fierce in a matter of seconds.

With only two singles to their name, Black Foxxes have already entranced the musical population. The songs are unpredictable yet poetic,  passionate and punchy. Their ability to go from nought to sixty real quick, shares similarities with the likes of Slaves and Royal Blood. What’s more, their fan base has grown in a similar way, minimal releases, lots of shows and a big homegrown reputation, but above all, being really f***ing good.

In a statement on the bands’ Facebook, detailing the preorder of the upcoming album, they revealed that the album would touch on mental health issues. “As it was mental health awareness week last week, the timing of this is pretty apt. This record is for all you ill fucks, fighting that daily battle in which ever way that may be”. Both ‘Husk’ and ‘I’m Not Well’ show signs of this motif and I’m excited to see how deep this theme roots itself in the album.

Even with their growing success Black Foxxes remain humble, something which I personally, find essential when I’m finding new music in the celebrity driven culture of today. Through the fog of fame, musicians still have to, at the end of the day, connect with their listeners through the music, if they’ve lost that touch, they’ve lost me. I can’t see that happening to this band.


Watch this space. Black Foxxes are coming for it.

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